My Schedule for 2019

May 21 - 28, 2019
8-day Directed Retreat
Jesuit Retreat Center, Parma, Ohio

Come to the peaceful beauty and spring-time wonderland of the Jesuit Retreat Center. The 57 wooded acres are lovely in spring.  The new addition to the Center provides a wide variety of prayer spaces.  Men and women have been coming here for the Spiritual Exercises since 1897. The grace of all these saints will be with you as you come to this retreat. Visit for more information.

June 17 - July 17, 2019
30-day & 8-day Directed Retreats
JRC Cleveland, Parma, Ohio

The Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius are a life-transforming experience.  They are given in many forms now, but the original form designed by Ignatius is a 30-day retreat with a director in the solitude of a retreat house.  JRC has been offering this retreat for many, many years.  Its 57 acres of woods and meadows are a peaceful setting for you to be in union with Our Loving God.  

There will also be three 8-day retreats during the days of the 30-day retreat.   I will be available to direct one or two folks by request. Visit for more information. 

What is Discernment?

Discernment is the name given to our effort to watch and listen for the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  There is so much noise in our lives that it takes a really focused effort to quiet ourselves and pay attention to the signs left by our God. 

We particularly need to work at discernment anytime we are facing a major decision, but it is also valuable to develop a discerning heart for all of the little decisions we make each day. 

A great deal of wisdom about discernment has been passed on by the holy women and men who came before us, including Saint Ignatius of Loyola.  A directed retreat is an ideal time to listen and watch and apply some of the wisdom they have given us.

Is this the time for you to make 
a Discernment Retreat?

Are you in a time of decision or transition in your life?  Are you hoping to discover how you can best follow our Loving God?  If so, you might benefit from a discernment retreat.  You may not come away from this retreat with a clear answer to your dilemma, but you will leave it confident in the love and guidance of the Holy Spirit and a clearer sense of the next steps you need to take.

About Discernment

"Our journey through life will take us to many strange and unexpected destinations.  Most of the time we will have to make the path by walking, doing most of the learning on our feet.  What should give us great confidence despite the precariousness of such a process is our faith that God will never leave us bereft of guidance.  Any situation assessed by the eye of faith will yield the guidance and encouragement necessary for us to continue our onward march with a lighter step."
    - From Fully Human, Fully Divine: An
      Interactive Christology 
       by Michael Casey
Feedback from Retreatants:
An exceptionally caring person, attuned to the Spirit of God in his own life and in the life of the person he is directing.  A man of prayer, full of goodness, who has a passion for what he does - helping others find God in their lives.  Faithfulness is his outstanding attribute.  
- JRH Oshkosh 2015 

Pat was my first ever silent retreat director and God could not have picked a better director for me. Pat listens with his heart and hears with love. He sees God in every person he directs. He feels the presence of the Holy Spirit whom He allows to guide him as a director and in all facets of his life. Pat meets you where you are in life and helps you to find the goodness that is there - no matter the circumstances. Pat encourages, challenges, consoles, understands, and, most importantly, loves. I am a better person for having Pat in my life.
- JRH Cleveland 2014 & 15

For the last two years God has gifted me with Patrick Cleary Burns as my spiritual guide/director for retreat.
 Pat is one who --
 knows God is the director of the retreat and his role is to listen to God and you;
 accepts you where you're at and encourages you in accepting God's will in these special days;
 is there to lean on when needed;
*  rejoices with you in the wonderful discoveries of God's plan.
- JRH Cleveland 2014 & 2015

Pat was an excellent director: empathetic, attentive, friendly and spirit-filled.  He gave me good exerices.
- a 2014 Campion retreatant

I feel the Spirit was a part of the direction, something which I prayed for. The discernment process returned me to and strengthened my commitment to Christ, who is here showing the way.
- 2014 Campion retreatant

Pat's gifts are his openness to the Spirit, his talent for listening and sense of humor.  I believe he has a real gift in helping us to grow in our relationship with God.
- 2014 Jesuit Retreat House Cleveland retreatant

What is a Directed Retreat?

A directed retreat is an opportunity to spend a little quiet time with yourself and your God.  You spend your day in a quiet, prayerful atmosphere.  Each day you get to see a spiritual director who will help guide your prayer. I will be one of the spiritual directors for each of these scheduled retreats.

I have a particular gift for working with people in a time of discernment.  If you would like to make one of these retreats to work on a discernment issue, I would be happy to accompany you.  Simply request that I be assigned as your director when you register for the retreat.
Individual Directed Retreats