A Retreat Within Daily Life

A 32-week experience of the Spiritual Exercises
What is a Retreat Within Daily Life?

Five hundred years ago Saint Ignatius of Loyola developed the Spiritual Exercises based on his own life experience of conversion and commitment to living a life of 'contemplation in action'.  He designed the retreat as 30-day experience in an atmosphere of silence.  However, even then Ignatius understood that most people were too busy to take 30-days out of their lives.  Ignatius designed a process for doing the complete Spiritual Exercises at home.  Today this is commonly referred to as a Retreat Within Daily Life.

How Does It Work?

The basic idea is that you, the retreatant, commit to pray once each day and to meet with your director once a week.  During this meeting you would share about what happened in your life and your prayer during the past week.  The director listens, asks questions to help you look more deeply into your experience, and suggests next steps.

There are many different ways to do this retreat.  I try to tailor the retreat to the individual, while remaining true to the design of Saint Ignatius.  I meet with the retreatant once each week throughout the retreat.  These meetings have been held in person, by telephone or via SKYPE.  This allows the retreat to continue whereever your life takes you.  After each meeting, I design a page of prayer suggestions for you for the week ahead and send this to you via email.

What Does This Retreat Cost?

I have found the fairest way to handle payment for this retreat is with a monthly payment of $100.  Depending on how long it takes an individual to complete the retreat, the total cost is between $800 and $1200.

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Feedback From Two Retreatants.
My spiritual life and desire has really grown in three short months.  Patrick is able to hear and discern my relationship with God and give me the feedback and insight I have been hungry for.  I rejoice every day that I have found someone to journey with me!