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Christian Life Community
What is Christian Life Community?
Christian Life Community (CLC) is an international association of lay Christians who have adopted an Ignatian model of spiritual life. The ‘Community’ of over 25,000 members is present in over sixty countries around the world.  CLC draws its inspiration from the teachings of Ignatius of Loyola. The experience of making the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius is foundational to the members of CLC, not simply as a retreat but as a way of life. Members are encouraged to adhere to a lifestyle which is gospel-based and simple, to serve the poor and to integrate contemplation and action.

Why do Jeannie and I belong to a CLC community?
We both believe that we need to live out our faith in community.  Our parish is really important to us, but is too large for us to experience the kind of community we need.  In CLC we share our faith life with a small community of folks who 'get us', who support us, and who call us to be all that God is calling us to be.  How cool is that?!!?  Our community meets every two weeks at St. Ignatius HS.

What is the CLC "Charism"?
I think of a charism as a spiritual gift that defines you.  The twelve apostles were called to live out their faith in mission.  Inspired by the apostles, CLC's charism is to be an apostolic community, a community called to build up the People of God.  This is what makes it different than a book club or a prayer group.  We read books together and we pray together, but it is all in order to discern the call of the Spirit and to live it out in ministry among God' people.

How do you find out more about CLC?
Visit  To find a community in the Reiman Great Lakes Region you can contact me at  I am the regional representative to the National Coordinating Committee.